Stop Stumbling Through The Web

There is nothing more mind-numbingly relaxing than sitting in front of the ol’ boob tube flipping through each station a mil-a-second at a time, channel by channel. Catching a little peak at Kim K’s smile, a quick glace at some guy in plaid catching a trout, and the swift movement of the weatherman pointing to a rain icon over a map of Oregon. 3 seconds, 3 channels, none of them interested me, none of them mattered, none of them gave me any real satisfaction. I just enjoyed hitting the “Channel +” button and then seeing the screen change.

Welcome to StumbleUpon’s take on the internet. What’s more inefficient and time consuming than having to go one by one through everything to find something you like. It would be like going to a party and having to talk to every girl for 5 seconds before you decided whether she was your type. Absurd, right? There’s a reason why people don’t do that, because you don’t need to give something your full attention to know you don’t want it. You only need to scan a few critical pieces of information about it. When you walk into a party or bar, you quickly scan the room for a girl who is compatible to you based on a few critical pieces of information which you can attain a distance. It may seem shallow, but it’s human nature to scan in such a situation, and given the time and energy constraints we all face, we have no choice but to scan the world for something that will catch our attention.

How bout instead of flipping through channel by channel, you take a look at the program schedules, scan that and find something that you would be really interested in watching? Okay, sound better, now that’s FuturEchoes.

I’m looking at the look at the program schedule, alright Knick game… blowout, alright Charlie Rose… crap he’s talking about China again, okay classic fight – Tyson vs. Holyfield… this I really want to watch. 3 channels, 6 seconds, all of them interested me, all of them mattered, and one of them gave me real satisfaction. Here’s a little scorecard for those who lost track:

flipping one one one vs scan and select

Scan and Select Just Whooped Some Booty

You can keep stumbling through that stupid post about the top 20 movie quotes from Pulp Fiction (Stop telling me about how damn tasty that burger is!), or you can select what you really want and enjoy the hell out of it.

Stop Stumbling Through the Web

It’s Time To Take Back the Internet!