Stop Eating the Scraps of the Cool Kids, Get Off Facebook and Twitter, and Get on FuturEchoes

If you are perfectly content with your current social life, then do not bother wasting your time reading on, as the following does not apply to you.

Now for the rest of you, there may be some out there saying:
Get off Facebook… INSANITY!

Hang on Cowboy that was just a headline to get your attention.

Now let’s break down a rough approximation of your current situation:

  1. You are not one of the cool kids
  2. You either don’t care about what is trending, or if you do care, nobody else cares that you do
  3. You want to find interesting stuff on the web

Back in the day when Facebook and Twitter were a lot smaller and not every 16 year old girl spent 8+ hours a day posting every thought that runs through her brain, and not every socialite wannabee spends half their lives hoarding up followers and friends, Facebook and Twitter were fine places to go to share and discover funny pictures, news, interesting youtube videos, opinions, and anything else that is worth looking at on the web. Sadly, those days are over and both these sites have degraded into a ‘look at me’ spamfest. If you are one of the ‘cool kids’ and people will look at you, then Facebook and Twitter are probably the greatest self-propagation tools ever invented.

To demonstrate this relationship between your personal popularity and how much you can benefit from using social media I have included this visual aid.

Is Social Media Worth My Time?

As you can see, some people greatly benefit from using social media all the time. If you are one of the cool kids, or a wish you were wannabee, social media is definitely for you. However, if you don’t fit into one of these two categories, you should probably consider some other options as to how you can best spend your time on the internet.

Now let me be out front about your options here, there are plenty of great websites for socially disenfranchised individuals (Reddit, 4Chan, 9gag, etc…), but maybe you don’t exactly fit into any of these rather exclusive communities, and maybe you aren’t particularly interested in posting your own content as much as you are finding someone else’s content.

Well, then FuturEchoes is for you. Even if your looks and personality are uglier than Pizza the Hutt you are more than welcome here, and you will be considered equal to even our richest and most beautiful users. But the real benefit besides a judgement-less platform is that you won’t have to sift through all that look-at-me spam that is all over the any social media feed. We’ve got content, just content and it’s the best content on the web. To demonstrate the relationship between your personal popularity and how much you can benefit from FuturEchoes I have included another visual aid.

Is FuturEchoes Worth My Time?

It’s your time, and whenever you open up your browser, you are making the decision, maybe next time you spend an hour on Twitter just to see Mr. Popular with 100,000 followers soak in the shine, you should ask yourself: Is this worth it?

How FuturEchoes Will Help You Get A Date

Ask anyone who knows the tricks of the trade and they will tell you that spontaneity and creative energy are like the gas on the stove when it comes to fueling a woman’s interest in you.
If women love one thing above all else that thing is that:
Nothing will tune her out faster than a bore. Even if you look like the Numa Numa Guy, you’ve got a better shot than Taylor Lautner if all Taylor Lautner can talk about is how many crunches he did yesterday, while you put a beaming glow on her face with your Numa Numa Dance.

So, how does one go about entertaining a woman?
The first step is to add some variety to your life. If you love reading the New York Times, great! Keep reading it, but this time when you go to get your daily dose, set aside a little time to explore something you’ve never seen before like an illustration of a badass Bull King. You don’t need to understand it, in fact it’s better that you don’t, because the mere fact that you will be experiencing something totally foreign to you will activate a never before activated part of your brain and this will be the key to unlocking new creative energy which you can channel towards your pursuit of the good lady.

Let’s take a step back and think about how things are going for you right now: you may work the 9 to 5, you get on the same train or you get in the same car, go to the same job to see the same people, do the same work, get off work and do the same old things with the same old friends: my friend, you are in a rut. Of course you are not bursting with the vital spontaneous and creative energy you need to attract a beautiful female, you are weighted down by the routine and the mundane, and girls know it. In the best case she’ll think, “okay, he’s stable, but boring” and in the worse case she’ll think “…” by which I mean she didn’t even give you enough thought to make a judgement.

Are you ready to get her to start thinking along the lines of “who was that awesome guy?” Here’s where FuturEchoes comes in. FuturEchoes will put you in touch with things that you would otherwise never come across. FuturEchoes will expand your world, and break you out of your rut. The reason it was created was to break ruts. Ruts are everywhere on the internet. Facebook becomes a rut, Twitter becomes a rut, going on ESPN and then TheChive becomes a rut, Reddit eventually becomes a rut. Ruts are so pervasive that even our rut fighter FuturEchoes may become a rut one day. But that day is not today, right now FuturEchoes is not a rut. If there is one thing that FuturEchoes does well it is that FuturEchoes will always give you option to see something you are not used to seeing.

Your brain is starving for something new and different and FuturEchoes is here to give you that variety your brain needs to become recharged and fully activated so you can radiate that aura of fun and excitement and…

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13. Why FuturEchoes will not whore your mind for pageviews, and just about everyone else will
14. Why you life would be so much better if you stopped looking at feeds that are dominated by that kid you briefly knew in college sharing everything he finds while on his couch stoned with a mouth filled with Dominos
15. How FuturEchoes will improve your ability to small talk with anyone

And there will be more…

We Made It Into the Museum of Modern Betas

We Made It! This may not seem like the biggest deal, but it’s personally significant. I remember back in March when I discovered MOMB and I was trying to get Oasis off the ground, I basically felt hopelessly inferior to what was on there. Now I’d say FuturEchoes holds its own compared to the other betas. Just about every great site on the internet comes through MOMB, so this is a solid first step of validation. On to the next one!

Click Here to Check It Out

What Do We Call This Thing?

A lot of names have bounced around since the project’s inception: super-aggregator, everything-aggregator, everything table, but none of them seem to capture the purpose of FuturEchoes, which is content discovery.

StumbleUpon calls itself a Content Discovery Engine, so in line with that FuturEchoes will call itself a Content Discovery Grid. Perhaps Discovery Grid, Everything Grid, or just Grid for short.

Who Is FuturEchoes?

Up until now, I have used the first person plural of we to narrate the previous posts.  The time has come to step out from behind the curtain and stop pretending that there is a we.   There is no we as of now, there is only I.

My name is Brian; I have spent the last 10 months working on this website in the hopes that with continued effort I can create something of value.  I graduated from college last December and I knew that I had to get serious about something, so I did what anyone can do when they are completely lost with no sense of direction:  I took a step in whatever direction was available.  For me that meant trying to create something of value on the internet.  I don’t really know why I choose that; I had always found the internet to be a tremendous waste of time and I was always frustrated with one thing or another on it.  Perhaps, that is why I choose this, because I thought there was a niche that wasn’t being filled.

Either way, I stuck with it and now I feel that I have created something that is ready for eyes that are not my own.  My goals with FuturEchoes are these:

1. I want the internet to be more browse-able. I don’t want to get caught in a rut going to the same 5 websites while the rest of the internet is completely lost to me.

2. I want the internet to be more of a level playing field, where content from the corporate backed sources and content from independent sources have an equal chance at gaining your attention.

FuturEchoes is my attempt to achieve those two goals.  The idea is that if you reduce different types of content into their most basic components (source, title, and maybe a thumbnail) and pack all these different types of content into a grid where each piece of content gets equal space, then you’ve got a space efficient design where you can easily browse a  lot of content and there is equal incentive to click any given piece of content.  Some people will love the grid design, some people will hate it, and probably for everyone it will take some getting used to, but I believe that it is a good design and it accomplishes the two goals I set out to accomplish.

Hopefully, this thing can grow, and the day will come when the really will be a we.