How FuturEchoes Will Help You Get a Job

Being unemployed blows, and finding a job can seem like playing the lottery, especially these days. You throw your resume in a pile of 10,000 and hope that somehow you are going to be the chosen one. Good luck buddy! You are going to need a lot of it if that is your strategy.

There’s really only good way to get a job which will work from now till the zombie apocalypse, and that is networking.

You can network a bunch of different ways from using an online social network (not recommended, it’s very easy for them to ignore you there), emailing, phone calls, sending out letters, or the intimidatingly close face to face contact (advanced, only for those with cajunas). No matter how you do it, one thing is for sure, you are going to have something to say to this person beyond your name and the fact that you are looking for a job. You are going to have to engage them, and to do that you need something engaging to talk about.

Let’s go through the options of where to find something engaging that you can both talk about:
1. Your own world of whatever you are into – engaging for you, not for them
2. Their world of whatever they are into – engaging for them, but not for you
3. Mass media – boring, and typical
4. The depths and corners of current human activity

BING! BING! BING! We have a Winner!

What do you think is going to get a better response?

Choice A:
Hey Boss, what did you think about that story on the nightly news?

Choice B:
Hey Boss, I just discovered this really cool thing that has expanded my world, and I’m curious what you think about it?

If they are more responsive to A, then you’ve got a lame duck, and lame ducks are notorious for being dead ends in the networking game.

People that have thriving networks that they are just waiting to plug you into are always going to go for B, because these are type of people who want to expand their world. If you are the type of person who is expanding your world, then they want you to be a part of theirs. Your connection will be so appealing to them that if you give them Choice B and then you walk out the room, chances are they will be calling you the next day to find out what you have to show them.

Where do you go to find something that will allow you to pitch Choice B?
FuturEchoes of course!

On FuturEchoes, it will be easy to explore hundreds of different types of websites that you would otherwise never know about, and never be in any contact with. Our Content Discovery Grid makes it so easy to browse all these different types of content that even after good 10 minutes of exploring, you are bound to find something good, give it an hour and you will find an absolute gem. Try that with StumbleUpon or Reddit, and watch the hours pass by.

Get your networking growing by expanding your world with FuturEchoes so you can get out of the house and get a job!