FuturEchoes collects new content from across the web and presents it in a simple grid.


My name is Brian Chaos. I created this website out of feelings of frustration that social media and currently available web browsing systems were limiting my ability to experience the full scope of what the internet had to offer in my life.

My goals with FuturEchoes are these:

1. I want the internet to be more browse-able. I don’t want to get caught in a rut going to the same 5 websites while the rest of the internet is completely lost to me.

2. I want the internet to be more of a level playing field, where content from the corporate backed sources and content from independent sources have an equal chance at gaining my attention.

FuturEchoes is my attempt to achieve those two goals. The idea is that if you reduce different types of content into their most basic components (source, title) and pack all these different links from across the web into a grid where each piece gets equal real estate, then you’ve got a space efficient design that is easy to browse and there is equal incentive to click on any given thing. Some people will love the grid design, some people will hate it, and probably for everyone it will take some getting used to, but I believe that it is a good design and it executes the two goals I set out to accomplish.