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FuturEchoes is going to be undergoing some changes for a little while.

When it’s back, it will be better than ever!

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What Do You Want?

We’ve change our front page to emphasize FuturEchoes search capabilities. Our goal is create a search engine that will give you the content related to what you are looking for that is deeper than page 1 of Google. In the coming weeks we are going to significantly advance the power of this search engine. In the meantime, it should be fun to play around with.

You can still access the ‘homepage’ by clicking I don’t know what I want, show me everything.

Enjoy your searching!

What Do You Want?

FuturEchoes New Front Page

How FuturEchoes Will Help You Get a Job

Being unemployed blows, and finding a job can seem like playing the lottery, especially these days. You throw your resume in a pile of 10,000 and hope that somehow you are going to be the chosen one. Good luck buddy! You are going to need a lot of it if that is your strategy.

There’s really only good way to get a job which will work from now till the zombie apocalypse, and that is networking.

You can network a bunch of different ways from using an online social network (not recommended, it’s very easy for them to ignore you there), emailing, phone calls, sending out letters, or the intimidatingly close face to face contact (advanced, only for those with cajunas). No matter how you do it, one thing is for sure, you are going to have something to say to this person beyond your name and the fact that you are looking for a job. You are going to have to engage them, and to do that you need something engaging to talk about.

Let’s go through the options of where to find something engaging that you can both talk about:
1. Your own world of whatever you are into – engaging for you, not for them
2. Their world of whatever they are into – engaging for them, but not for you
3. Mass media – boring, and typical
4. The depths and corners of current human activity

BING! BING! BING! We have a Winner!

What do you think is going to get a better response?

Choice A:
Hey Boss, what did you think about that story on the nightly news?

Choice B:
Hey Boss, I just discovered this really cool thing that has expanded my world, and I’m curious what you think about it?

If they are more responsive to A, then you’ve got a lame duck, and lame ducks are notorious for being dead ends in the networking game.

People that have thriving networks that they are just waiting to plug you into are always going to go for B, because these are type of people who want to expand their world. If you are the type of person who is expanding your world, then they want you to be a part of theirs. Your connection will be so appealing to them that if you give them Choice B and then you walk out the room, chances are they will be calling you the next day to find out what you have to show them.

Where do you go to find something that will allow you to pitch Choice B?
FuturEchoes of course!

On FuturEchoes, it will be easy to explore hundreds of different types of websites that you would otherwise never know about, and never be in any contact with. Our Content Discovery Grid makes it so easy to browse all these different types of content that even after good 10 minutes of exploring, you are bound to find something good, give it an hour and you will find an absolute gem. Try that with StumbleUpon or Reddit, and watch the hours pass by.

Get your networking growing by expanding your world with FuturEchoes so you can get out of the house and get a job!

Stop Stumbling Through The Web

There is nothing more mind-numbingly relaxing than sitting in front of the ol’ boob tube flipping through each station a mil-a-second at a time, channel by channel. Catching a little peak at Kim K’s smile, a quick glace at some guy in plaid catching a trout, and the swift movement of the weatherman pointing to a rain icon over a map of Oregon. 3 seconds, 3 channels, none of them interested me, none of them mattered, none of them gave me any real satisfaction. I just enjoyed hitting the “Channel +” button and then seeing the screen change.

Welcome to StumbleUpon’s take on the internet. What’s more inefficient and time consuming than having to go one by one through everything to find something you like. It would be like going to a party and having to talk to every girl for 5 seconds before you decided whether she was your type. Absurd, right? There’s a reason why people don’t do that, because you don’t need to give something your full attention to know you don’t want it. You only need to scan a few critical pieces of information about it. When you walk into a party or bar, you quickly scan the room for a girl who is compatible to you based on a few critical pieces of information which you can attain a distance. It may seem shallow, but it’s human nature to scan in such a situation, and given the time and energy constraints we all face, we have no choice but to scan the world for something that will catch our attention.

How bout instead of flipping through channel by channel, you take a look at the program schedules, scan that and find something that you would be really interested in watching? Okay, sound better, now that’s FuturEchoes.

I’m looking at the look at the program schedule, alright Knick game… blowout, alright Charlie Rose… crap he’s talking about China again, okay classic fight – Tyson vs. Holyfield… this I really want to watch. 3 channels, 6 seconds, all of them interested me, all of them mattered, and one of them gave me real satisfaction. Here’s a little scorecard for those who lost track:

flipping one one one vs scan and select

Scan and Select Just Whooped Some Booty

You can keep stumbling through that stupid post about the top 20 movie quotes from Pulp Fiction (Stop telling me about how damn tasty that burger is!), or you can select what you really want and enjoy the hell out of it.

Stop Stumbling Through the Web

It’s Time To Take Back the Internet!

Google Is Great, But Sometimes It Ain’t

Think about the last time you went to a city you’d never been to before. There was a lot there that you’d never seen before, and it may have been a bit overwhelming at first. You needed some way to navigate the city and figure out where you could eat, where you could shop, where your friend’s lived, and where you could entertain yourself. Had this been 20 years ago you would have used some kind of map or guide, but now you use Google.

Google is unbelievably good at helping you find what you are looking for. It’s a modern miracle. The world is at your fingertips with it.

But, what if you don’t know what you are looking for?

What if you just want to explore? Then what good is Google?
It’s not good, because it was not made to help you explore.

If the internet is like a big city, who’s going to be your tour guide? Who’s going to point out all the interesting things that are going on, and show you things that you would never think to look for?

FuturEchoes, that’s who…

There are thousands upon thousands of websites constantly updating, adding new content by the second; it would take a lifetime just to look at 1% of everything that is created or shared every hour. Somehow Google miraculously manages to make enough sense out of all this activity, so that you can type in a few words and find what you are looking for.

Well what about the rest of it all?
If you are only using Google, it is completely lost to you!

Don’t you think there should be something that allows you to browse all this content, so it isn’t always lost to you, so you may have a chance of connecting with it, and experiencing it, and learning from it? Or are you going to leave that up to your Facebook friends, and the people you follow on Twitter?

You shouldn’t, and now you don’t have to.

The internet is overwhelmingly vast, but now it’s within your grasp.

With FuturEchoes, in 30 seconds you can easily scan 100 different pieces of content, from hundreds of different sources.

Try doing that with StumbleUpon, try doing that with Pulse, try doing that just browsing the web, site by site. You’ll be lucky if you even get a 3 pages loaded.

Right now, there is nowhere else on the web you can browse all different types of content, I’m talking about more than pretty pictures on Pinterest. I’m talking about NEWS, PHOTOS, SONGS, VIDEOS, JOKES, MEMES, COMICS, GOSSIP, FOOD, CARS, ART, DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, ADVENTURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, FASHION, ADVICE…(hold on I’m out of breathe)…SPORTS, WOMEN, MEN, OPINIONS, INTERVIEWS, DOCUMENTARIES, MOVIES, NATURE…I’m talking about everything!!! If its on the web and it’s good, we’re going to find it and we’re going to put it in front your face for you to discover.

You’ve been empowered, the web is now in your hands. Use it! Expand Your World!

Sometime ago the web became so vast that it became lost to us.
Not anymore…

It’s Time To Take Back The Internet!

We Like Our Headers Big

We beefed up our header, because things on the internet should be big enough to grab. Wrap your hands around this:

Beefy FuturEchoes Header

Our Header Put on a Little Weight

P.S. We beefed up the “More” buttons too, for the same reason.